Waiting to go home

20140725-144431-53071032.jpg 20140725-144433-53073558.jpg

One thing I love to do at airports: peruse the racks of glossy magazines and books.

Another essential: a tall Starbucks – especially when you’ve been somewhere that didn’t have good coffee. Starbucks has locations at MK and EPCOT but it didn’t taste the same.

For Barrak, getting a beer is usually in the cards.

For the kids, it’s snacks.

20140725-144431-53071890.jpg 20140725-144432-53072722.jpg

We had a great time at Disney and made lots of memories. But next year, we’ll take a more low-key and less expensive driving vacation. In fact, we’re hoping to get our parents and siblings to go together for a week in Destin, FL. Same condo, separate units, maximum sanity.

And Barrak’s flip flop just broke. Vacation is officially over.






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