Happy birthday fellow Leo!


My other dad in life celebrated 65 years yesterday.

Growing up, I always thought it was so cool that my stepdad, who I call Dad, always seemed to know exactly where to go, no matter what city we were in. Jackson Hole, Seattle, Vancouver, Orlando. This was before GPS navigation and even Yahoo! driving directions. No map and certainly no stopping at a gas station to ask for directions. How do you know where to go?? I would ask from the backseat of the rental car. He just did.

He introduced my sister and me to “car phones,” Chinese food, frozen yogurt and boating. To Disney and flying on an airplane and seeing the ocean for the first time. To swear words (sorry mom) and the fact that men wear cologne (Paul Sebastian) and even carry man-purses.

You’re one cool dude, Dad, in any decade. Happy birthday.




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