Coppa Gelato: A review by Greta Green

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Last night after a gross dinner of dry pork tenderloin and congealed mac & cheese (sorry family), we went to Coppa Gelato, a new gelato shop in Westerville near The Wine Bistro and Meijer. I love the décor: a dusty taupe faux-wood floor, bright white beadboard walls, rustic glass pendant lighting, and an espresso brown paint job. And I loved my vanilla bean gelato. But never mind what I thought.

Here’s Greta’s review.

How is your mint chocolate gelato?


What else?

SO yummy.

What’s yummy about it?

It’s sweet and minty.

How does it compare to Jeni’s Ice Cream?

It’s better than Jeni’s.

What makes it better than Jeni’s?

Jeni’s doesn’t have mint chocolate chip
[DISCLAIMER: this review was not fact-checked]

How would you describe the ambiance?

What’s ambiance?

The way a place looks and feels. The vibe.

What’s a vibe?

How a place makes you feel. How it’s decorated…

It smells like coffee. It smells like Starbucks. Very farmy.

That’s true, it is farmy! Like the lights and beadboard…?

There are pictures on the walls of farm animals.

That is true, I didn’t notice that. Magnus, how is your cookies & milk gelato?

So good. Sweet. Oreo-y. Chocolate-y.

And what do you guys think of the lemon water?

It’s sweet. Tastes like cucumber water.

And the verdict is…


Thumbs up on Coppa Gelato from my little Greenies!



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