My marathon training as told through famous movie scenes


Mile 1 – The scene in the first Sex and the City movie where prissy but lovable Charlotte York goes trotting around Central Park with an optimistic smile and a bouncy ponytail.

Mile 7 – The scene in Misery where Kathy Bates takes a sledgehammer to James Caan’s ankles.

Mile 13 – The scene in Rocky III where Rocky is running on the beach in slow motion and plods to a stop in despair because he is still grieving the death of Mickey, his longtime coach, and working through general loss of mojo as Adrienne and his new coach, Carl Weathers, shake their heads.

Mile 16 – The scene in G.I. Jane where Viggo Mortensen kicks the living shit out of a ripped yet busty Demi Moore – especially the part where she gets back on her feet with blood oozing from her mouth only to have him knock her back into sleepytime.

Mile 18 – The scene in Halloween II where Jamie Lee Curtis hobbles around the hospital in a gown and bad hair, looking for help and clutching her stabbed leg as Michael Myers stalks her.

Driving home – The scene in Point Break where Skyler tells Keanu Reeves, “You have no business out here… no business!” when he tries to surf with the big boys.


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