6 days to marathon


It’s Monday. My first marathon ever is this Sunday.

I’ve paid, I’ve trained, I’ve quit in my head, I’ve re-committed, I’ve tapered, I’ve tended to my two bruised and purple toenails (by painting them maroon), I bought a new visor, my ankle is feeling better… my hips, not so much. But I’m ready as ever to run this thing.

This whole week, hydration and eating are pretty important according to Barrak, who has several ultra races under his belt now.

Here are the things I did today to get ready.

  • I took a water bottle with me to work and drank a ton of water all day. I’ll continue to do this all week.
  • I didn’t miss a meal. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs and 3 cookies (there was a cookie competition at the office). For lunch, I had a slice of Mikey’s Late Night Slice cheese & basil pizza. For dinner, I had a basic salad with iceberg lettuce and a bowl of Aztec chowder (basically, great northern beans, chicken, green chiles and a lot of cream and cheese).
  • I added some new songs to my iPod Shuffle, including Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson, Feel Again by OneRepublic, Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd and Stay by Sam Smith. A slow song can be a welcome change when you’re running for 4 – 5 hours straight.
  • I signed up for a real-time tracking thing that will let Barrak and the kids track where I am on the course, so they can follow along.
  • I will try to stretch before I go to bed.
  • I’m starting to eye the forecast for Sunday.

I’ve been reading Born to Run and learned that Scott Jurek, the famous ultra runner, is vegan. One time Barrak used the term ‘rot gut’ to describe how you feel when you eat meat the night before a big race. Nobody wants that. So I’m trying to stick to carbs, fruits and vegetables this week, if possible.

I’ll continue to chronicle the days leading up to Sunday.


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