5 days to marathon


Today was the pits. Patsy was late, so I was late to work. I ran out at lunch to pick up stuff for goodie bags, for Greta’s birthday party and I couldn’t find anything Frozen themed. And I lost my car key when trying to leave for the day, which I discovered while standing beside my car in the rain, ransacking my purse. For 45 minutes, I scoured the parking lot, my office… eventually Barrak had to come pick me up with the spare. When I got home, I saw that my ridiculously inflated medical bill from a few months ago has been turned over to a collection agency. Super.

Here are the things I did today to get ready for the marathon.

  • I drank some water but not a ton. Could’ve done better.
  • I didn’t miss a meal — but barely. For breakfast, I had yesterday’s banana and a macadamia and white chocolate Clif Bar. For lunch, I had a frozen entree that was terrible. I think it was called luvo? Something like that. Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. It was gross. Also had a bag of Sun Chips. For dinner, after being rescued by my family who had already eaten Red Baron frozen pizza for dinner, I had an iceberg lettuce and avocado salad with ranch dressing and a slice of leftover pepperoni pizza.
  • While running errands at lunch, I bought a bag of mini-bagels. Thinking maybe that could be my pre-marathon breakfast.

Gonna climb into bed and finish reading Born to Run.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


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