A tip for chocolate chip cookies

IMG_4528-0 IMG_4475-1

I’ve posted this chocolate chip cookie recipe before — it’s from Amy Thielen’s Heartland cookbook. It’s pretty standard except for the tablespoon of cold coffee and a scant cup of peanut butter. Seems like I always have the ingredients for these on hand.

The reason I’m posting it again is that I wanted to share my new favorite thing to do with any cookie dough. Instead of baking the entire batch in one evening, I just bake enough for us each to have 1-2 cookies. Then I roll up the rest of the dough in wax paper, shape it in a tube like this…


and stick it in the fridge. Then for a few nights after, I can cut off just enough for each of us to again have gooey, fresh out of the oven cookies!


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