Marathon day

IMG_1410 IMG_1420

{the kids on the curb to high-five me at mile 17, and again at the finish line} 

What an experience!

I’m so glad I did it, and very proud of myself.

My body is wrecked. It’s not so much my muscles but my joints: ankles, knees, hips. And my second toe on my right foot.

I wanted to finish in 5 hours. When I crossed the finish line, the giant digital clock read 5:08. OK, I’m just glad I finished. Then Barrak called to tell me he just got a final text (he’d been tracking my progress through real-time texts – a neat service the marathon did this year) that my final race time was 4:50. The reason for the difference was my corral didn’t shuffle across the official starting line until 7:48 a.m. or so, which I hadn’t factored in. So I did make my goal of a sub-5 hour marathon – barely!

While I was running, Barrak was doing The Amazing Race with the kids, running them from spectator sideline to spectator sideline, with road closures everywhere, using the real-time texts as a guide. It was a lot for him and the kids but it really gave me some critical boosts.

A lot of people — especially women were running in pairs or groups. I trained alone and I raced alone, and that’s fine by me. I did have a couple conversations with other solo racers. That’s a cool aspect of a race like that: the support and random encouragement from strangers.

Another sweet memory I’ll keep: when I got up at 4:55 a.m. Barrak got up too, and sat in the dark living room with me drinking our coffee and watching morning news anchors we’ve never seen before. He waved goodbye as I pulled out of the garage into the darkness, a fingernail moon still high in the sky.

My time: 4 hours, 50 minutes

My favorite neighborhood to run through: Bexley, with German Village a close second

Hardest part of the race: Upper Arlington and Grandview (miles 19, 20 and 21)

Neatest sight: the racers from Kenya lapping us – they were flying

Nostalgic moment: running past the Ohio State dorm I lived in my freshman year on 12th Ave (I was not a runner at all back then)

Where Barrak and the kids stationed themselves: mile 10 in German Village, mile 17 just outside the Ohio State horseshoe, and the finish line

Thing I lost during the race: my new Athleta headband

Thing I wish I’d done differently to prepare: nothing!

Things I ate during the race: half of a Clif Bar, some raspberry Gu, a red-and-white striped peppermint

No. of times I stopped to pee at a Porta-Potty 1, at mile 23

Best aid station drink: beer at mile 25 (it settles your stomach)

Lowest moment: trying to find my car in the cold parking garage afterward when I could barely walk and I was getting the chills

Highest moment: approaching the finish line, and just after. I was overcome.

Best moment of relief: getting in my car, blasting the heat, and changing into a warm hoodie

Length of my post-race shower: 25 minutes

No. of Advil I took: 3

Post-race meal: an ahi tuna flatbread from Matt the Miller’s and some of Greta’s leftover birthday cake

Time we all went to bed last night: 9 p.m.



One thought on “Marathon day

  1. Kindra you did a fantastic race. The whole family is very proud of what you did. Honey you ‘re my hero in all your accomplishments in life. Love You , Mom

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