New Food Challenge: Corn Dogs

IMG_1429 IMG_1428

My daughter is an incredibly picky eater. She survives mainly on waffles, PB&Js, hot dogs, spaghetti and pizza.

We recently saw the pediatrician for a wellness check, and the doctor reminded us we should be getting 5 fruits and vegetables a day. A DAY! FIVE! Given that Greta will only eat carrots (only if they’re raw), grapes (only if they’re purple), apples (only Red Delicious… and they need to be really, REALLY red) and corn (only on the cob), that’s not always easy.

It’s time to expand our horizons.

The doctor suggested Food Bingo. Greta didn’t like that idea. But we are going to make a concerted effort to try new foods, eat more fruits and vegetables and not give in to Greta’s irrational food phobias.

We started tonight.

Believe it or not, this child has never had a corn dog.

Tonight, we had dinner at Flip Side, a burger place at Easton. They do not have a kids menu. What they do offer: cheeseburgers (not on your life), grilled cheese sandwiches (nope), a salad (not happening) and mini beef corn dogs (technically a starter). In the past when we’ve eaten here, she just eats French fries. No more. After some tears, she agreed to the corn dogs. She already eats hot dogs so this didn’t seem like much of a stretch. But for her, this was a big deal.

Here are her remarks:

  • I KIND of liked them
  • The breading was very sweet
  • The hot dog didn’t taste like a hot dog
  • 2 stars (on a scale of 5)

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