And then there were nine

“Toenails are for sissies” — it’s a recurring theme for spectator signs at marathons and half-marathons. When I started training for the Columbus Marathon in July, I started to see some signs that I may not finish with all 10 of my toenails.

And yesterday, that came to pass.

I knew it was coming. Some of my other toenails have turned purple but my big toe really wasn’t looking right. And sometimes it hurt at night. Then yesterday at work, when wearing peep-toed heels, I glanced down and noticed the burgundy-painted nail didn’t even look connected.

So when I got home, I got out the clippers. I started trimming. And trimming. I kept going. And it wasn’t hurting. Finally I reached what I think is the root of the nail. I felt vaguely nauseous while cutting it. But strangely, it actually looks better than before. It’s just pure pink skin – no more nasty nail.

Keep scrolling down if you’re man enough to see the picture….







You can still back out….








Marcella's Whiskey Rosso -- pronounced 'row-so'

You might need a stiff drink, such as the Whiskey Rosso at Marcella’s…








Okay, here it is. See? Not that bad. You can’t even really tell my big toe has no nail, can you? But I’m a little worried about the 4th piggy in…




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