Day-off dinner

IMG_5071 IMG_5065

{at left, my plate} {at right, what celery root looks like straight out of the grocery bag}

I had Tuesday off for Veterans Day. It was so nice to play stay-at-home mom for the day. I ran the kids to school, read a little of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (I’m hooked!), changed the batteries in all the smoke/carbon monoxide/grown-ups-are-sleeping-soundly detectors, picked up the kids, got the car washed, and ta-dah…I made dinner: Barefoot Contessa’s tried-and-true roast chicken (aka Jeffrey’s chicken aka engagement chicken) along with celery root puree and sautéed spinach.

The kids even ate the chicken (small victory). But in the end, I also made spaghetti for them.

This chicken smells INSANE during the hour and 15 minutes it spends in the oven. I wish you could have smelled it. Within minutes, the house was filled with the aroma of caramelizing onion, roasting garlic and sizzling chicken fat. And it’s so easy.

The celery root puree is a nice stand-in for mashed potatoes. More flavor, lighter consistency, still pretty decadent (lots of cream and butter).

Click here for Barefoot Contessa’s roast chicken recipe (I don’t make the gravy).

Click here for Barefoot Contessa’s celery root puree recipe (watch the salt! I followed the recipe and it came out WAY salty).

To make the spinach, I just sautéed it in olive oil, then salt & peppered it. If I’d had onion, shallot or garlic, I would have chopped and sautéed one of them before throwing in the spinach.

It’s one of my favorite dinners. And the perfect bite? A little of that light celery root puree with some roasted onion heavy with chicken drippings. Heaven.

Of course, 10 seconds after finally sitting down to eat, I heard this coming from the bathroom: MOMMY!!!!!!! WILL YOU WIPE ME?!?!?!?

Barefoot’s cookbook How Easy Is That? is such a good cookbook; both of these recipes are from that book. I’ve been thinking about working my way through it page by page, and blogging about it Julia and Julia-style.








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