Trail race

969022_10105194883912915_7325498931001798963_n IMG_5095

The race: Salt Fork 10-Miler at Salt Fork State Park (a two-hour drive!)

The finishing time: 2:25

Weather report: High 20s when the race started at 9 a.m.

The outfit: three layers, people…


{Patagonia sports bra, a technical tee from a half-marathon I ran this summer, and my favorite socks by Balega}


{Brooks Utopia Thermal Running Tights — love! — and a Patagonia All-Weather Zip-Neck Hoody}


{Patagonia Better Sweater gloves and Patagonia Better Sweater Beanie, both of which I wear every day when it’s cold, not just for races, and my blue Athleta ‘Striped Strength Hoodie, which is more like a jacket than a hoody; it’s also more of a royal blue but I had a filter on my phone for the photo}

Pre-race meal: Macadamia Nut Clif Bar

Post-race meal: a Stella Artois and bacon-swiss-avocado turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday’s in Cambridge, OH

Injury report: a bloodied and bruised knee from one spill on a rocky, rooty downward hill. Barrak = unscathed (this time).

Why I finished a few seconds ahead of Barrak: even though he’s much faster than me, Barrak stayed with me for the entire race. It was sweet of him. He even let me finish first.

Incredible sight: no, it wasn’t a doe and her fawn. It was the runner ahead of me, having a conversation on her cell phone

The swag: a pint glass and cool sweatshirt. Nice!

IMG_5098 IMG_5099

The verdict: even though I just ran a full marathon and this was only 10.4 miles, it was a reminder that trail races are legit. MUCH harder than road races. Those uphills just gassed me. My calves were wobbling and seizing up during the home stretch. You have to be in tip-top shape.








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