Pecan squares

IMG_5126 IMG_5130

We went to an Amish buffet that specializes in fried chicken for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone got to pick what they like. The kids ate fried chicken and corn without complaint. There were no dishes to clean up. And it was a lot cheaper than last year when we hosted. Still, it was sort of unsatisfying — and not just because we couldn’t have a drink with dinner.

I did make one dish that I consider a Thanksgiving tradition: pecan squares. With a bottom crust like buttery shortbread, and a caramelly pecan top, they’re even better than pecan pie. They last for weeks and make an indulgent breakfast. With two pounds of pecans and two and a quarter pounds of butter, they’re also hella expensive. What do you expect from Barefoot Contessa, queen of the Hamptons?

Click here for the recipe.





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