Roast turkey & potato-poblano gratin

IMG_5147 IMG_5152

I decided to make a low-key Thanksgiving-esque dinner tonight. I roast chickens all the time. Why not a turkey?

I stuffed this 20-pounder with quartered onions, lemon halves, and poultry herbs like thyme and sage. I buttered under the skin, rubbed olive oil on the outside, salt & peppered it very well, and roasted it at a low temp — 325 degrees — for about 4 hours. Finally, the house smelled like Thanksgiving.

I also made a simple cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries, water, sugar and a squeeze of orange.

The real hit was a potato and poblano gratin. Yukon potatoes sliced to an 1/8 of an inch (I used a mandoline), roasted and sliced poblanos, Monterey Jack cheese and a creme fraiche/half & half sauce. Barrak went nuts for it. It had more kick than I expected but it’s nice to have something spicy with the relatively bland Thanksgiving standards.

A Bon Appetit editor mentioned this dish on the masthead page of the November issue. Staffers were answering some question like, What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? “Potato and poblano gratin” was his answer — but no recipe. All the ones I found online called for corn. Blech.

Click here for the recipe. In addition to omitting corn, I doubled the sauce.



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