Real popcorn

IMG_5299 IMG_5289

My sister put it in my head that microwaveable popcorn has all kinds of chemicals on it. Since popcorn is our bedtime snack of choice, we invested in a proper popcorn popper that calls for vegetable oil and real corn kernels. It has a filter at the top that allows butter to drip down while it pops. When it’s done, you just flip it over and the lid becomes the bowl.

It tastes fresher and more fibrous. And it’s white instead of neon yellow.

The kids LOVE watching it pop. Look at their faces!

IMG_5290 IMG_5291







One thought on “Real popcorn

  1. Glad I could help with a healthy dose of fear mongering! It turns out that not only is it better for you, it’s great entertainment for the kids!

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