My resolutions for 2015


  • Lighten up
  • Start a daily gratitude journal
  • Get out of credit card debt – then cut ’em up!
  • Improve my half marathon race time (currently hovering around 2:15)
  • Run another trail race
  • Stop stressing about all the home improvements I want to make
  • Do one large home renovation this year
  • De-clutter the basement
  • Learn how to play piano
  • Start Tweeting and using Facebook (get over your aversion; it’s here to stay)
  • Eat more meat-free meals
  • Visit uncle Jerry on the farm
  • Buy chickens from local farms instead of grocery store (have you seen Food Inc. yet? Ugh)
  • Answer questions directly
  • Spend more time with my sister
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Go dancing more



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