Sugared pecans

IMG_5708 IMG_5709

I’d only had breakfast, I was just home from the gym and ravenous, and it was about 3 p.m. What to eat so as not to ruin my appetite for dinner?

We had raw pecan halves in the pantry so I decided to make sugared pecans. I’ve made these for years–at least since I had my own oven in my 20s. You just toss the pecans with egg white, sugar and a whole lot of butter. I Googled “sugared pecans” to find a recipe so I could get the measurements, and one called “Jerry’s Sugared Pecans” popped up. It’s in Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook, which happened to be right behind me on the kitchen counter–on loan from my mom.

It’s a super simple recipe and a nice munchie to have on hand. These also call for a smidgen of cinnamon. My favorite bites are the ones that get slightly darker in the oven than the rest. If you like pecan pie, you might like this sweet-salty snack.

Click here for the recipe in Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook.


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