Gwyneth’s mac & cheese and our dinner conversation


Another moderately expensive dinner disaster: Gwyneth Paltrow’s homemade mac & cheese. Click here for the recipe, though I don’t recommend it unless you like oily, tasteless macaroni and cheese.

Barrak handled dinner duties tonight and he made what I had planned because I was caught up in work. He followed Gwynnie’s recipe to the letter. Upon tasting it, he had this to say: “This literally tastes like I am eating plain pasta. It tastes like nothing.”

I did take note of our dinner conversation tonight. Enjoy.

Greta, age 7: Daddy was afraid someone broke into our house.

Barrak: I left the garage door open when we ran to Fleet Feet.

Me: Well, I’m sure no one did. Belle would have eaten them. And our TV is still here.

Greta: What do you mean our TV is still here?

Me: Robbers steal stuff like TVs, computers, stereos.

Greta: What’s a stereo?

Me: How we used to listen to music.

Me: Magnus, did Mrs. T start in your classroom today?

Greta: That’s who I had for a substitute teacher!

Magnus [almost 5, totally exasperated]: Greta, you already told me that.

Greta: She has glasses. And she wore an owl scarf and we had donuts.

Greta: Daddy, are these hot dogs Hebrew National or Nathan’s?

Barrak: Nathan’s.

Greta: Hm. They taste like Hebrew National.


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