One truly incredible burger

IMG_5823 IMG_5822

With a recipe headline like that, it was just DARING me to make it and then hate it.

But guess what? It was really good! Actually, kind of truly incredible. Honestly!

It’s a buffalo chicken burger, to be specific, which doesn’t sound as appetizing as “one truly incredible burger.” The patty is a mix of ground chicken, sautéed onion, cayenne and hot sauce. It took only 3 minutes per side in a skillet. The key, though, is in the toppings: a buffalo mayo and a blue cheese-celery-red onion slaw.

This one is a keeper.

I found the recipe in the latest issue of, um, er, Redbook. Yes, it’s been a long road since Teen, ym, Seventeen and Sassy, then on to Mademoiselle, Glamour and Marie Claire… Then there was that short stint with Shape, Self and Allure. InStyle and Lucky, it took a long time to quit you, and I’m not saying we’re through. But, I’ve graduated to… Redbook. Lauren Conrad is on the cover so it can’t be all bad.

Click here for Carla Hall’s recipe (she’s also on ABC’s The Chew, a show I’ve never seen a second of).


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