Happy Tuna Tuesday


What happened when the tuna was late to work?

It got canned.

I was chopping carrot and onion for tuna salad this evening. I couldn’t help but notice the odds and ends I’d shoved to the side kind of looked like a happy face. I swear I didn’t arrange that! A good omen, I hope.

I love tuna salad sandwiches. My mom makes the best. I remember coming home from high school and there’d be a bowl in the fridge. I’d settle in at the kitchen table for some after-school Oprah and a tuna fish sandwich.

Tonight, I kept it simple. No hard-cooked eggs, no celery even (we’re out). Just minced carrot, onion, lots of salt and pepper, a little celery seed in place of the celery and some Hellman’s. And a can of tuna, of course.

IMG_6091 IMG_6092

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the brown “smile” in the onion is indeed a little bit of onion gone bad.


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