Staycation 2015: The Beginning

After two back to back years of going to Destin, FL followed by two back to back years of Disney World, we decided to keep our summer vacation low-key this year.

Although my visions of spending weekdays at the pool were rained out, we had some fun times nonetheless.

Here’s how the week started out:


We had awesome burgers for lunch at Flip Side at Easton. Then we bought some new sunglasses for the kids at GAP Kids, and saw the movie Jurassic World. Big fun!

IMG_6254 IMG_6256


Because Barrak is Clark Griswald, we were on the road to Cedar Point, the amusement park in Sandusky, OH, by 8 a.m. Magnus was too short to ride many of the rides. There was a special Dinosaurs Live attraction with huge animatronics, which was cool to see on the heels of Jurassic World. The Peanuts, including Snoopy, are a big deal at the park. Magnus got a stuffed Woodstock.

IMG_6272 IMG_6287IMG_6318

IMG_6307 IMG_6309

Greta rode the Gemini (above). Such a classic. I rode it with her. It felt so good to scream so unabashedly. Magnus rode something called the Pipe Scream with Barrak and Greta. I wouldn’t ride it – too nauseating for me. In fact, they were 20 minutes delayed getting on it because of “guest illness.” When he got off it, he was AMPED. He drank an entire bottle of Dasani in two long chugs.

IMG_6321 IMG_6319

We battled some pop-up rain showers but made it work. We were there until 4 p.m. (!)

After leaving Cedar Point, we drove 20 minutes away to Kalahari, which is a sprawling resort with an indoor water park you wouldn’t believe, and an outdoor pool we didn’t get to use much because of the unseasonably cool temps and rain.

IMG_6333 IMG_6339

Kalahari has an African animal theme, which Magnus’s pet elephant, Elephant, was pleased about.

We showered, got back in the car and Google Mapped our restaurant destination, Bay Harbor. Turned out, we ended right back on Cedar Point property, next to the marina.

The food was good but Barrak described it as a “sensory deprivation tank” which is very apt. We were the only table there for most of our dinner. There was NO music or Muzak or even white noise. It was weird. You could hear every clink of silverware. Greta had a $6 PB&J. Magnus had most of my $35 filet mignon.


More mom-screaming on indoor water slides at Kalahari, including one that felt like we were being flushed down a toilet on a raft. Some of these water slides are big enough for a family of four to go down together on a raft. There are huge drops that make your stomach flip, and in pitch-dark. In retrospect the place seems a little risky and loosey-goosey on safety. But, we survived and had a ton of fun.

After we checked out, we drove up to Port Clinton to have fried perch sandwiches at Jolly Roger, a local favorite.


Then we picked up some supplies for the 4th of July (to set off out of state, of course).


I love the drive between Columbus and Sandusky. So many pretty farmsteads. And bratwurst shops in Bucyrus!

IMG_6347 IMG_6349

Home sweet home with a glass of pomegranate sangria and a bag of Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn.



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