Staycation 2015: The Middle

IMG_6352 IMG_6356


Rained out! So any thoughts of a pool day were torpedoed. Instead, I took a Les Mills BodyPump class at the gym (such a weird feeling when you’re a 9-to-5-er to be at the gym at 10:30 in the morning) and we cleaned out the junk cabinet above the computer, which had been a hodgepodge of cough syrup, crazy glue, lighters, acrylic paints, allergy pills, a razor for scraping gunk–you know, all the stuff you wouldn’t want within easy reach of children. Barrak has been a tear reorganizing the garage, the basement, closets…everything. So I started the junk cabinet and he finished it. He’s got a knack for it I have to say.

I had dinner with a friend Wednesday evening at Basi Italia. I had rigatoni with spicy pomodoro and we split a butterscotch budino, which is an Italian pudding, with almond cookies and freshly whipped cream, strawberries and drizzled butterscotch. Custards and creme brûlées are not typically my cup of tea, but this was really good. Light.


No staycation would be complete without a trip to the zoo. And no trip to the zoo would be complete without photos of Greta navigating with a zoo map and Magnus on an animal statue.

IMG_6361 IMG_6371

When we got home, I had some things to do on my own. But when I saw Greta plant herself at the computer, I just couldn’t leave her. So we decided to go do girl stuff, just the two of us.

First, we went to Sweet and Sassy and used our certificate for a free toenail polish change (she also got a glitter star on her cheek). Then we browsed in the mall, checking out Justice, Claire’s and Barnes & Noble. Then, because the sun was out (finally) we had gelato cones at Coppa Gelato in Westerville.

This little outing is one of my favorite memories of the week.

IMG_6380 IMG_6385


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