Requiem for summer

Although we chose not to take a vacation outside of Ohio this year, we still had a really wonderful summer. We caught butterflies, grew tomatoes, drank cucumber cocktails out of Mason jars, snorkeled at the pool, explored the Ohio Historical Center, conquered Cedar Point and Kings Island, went to art camp, climbed trees, grew fairy gardens, made flag cakes with our cousins, ran ultras (way to go Barrak!), roasted marshmallows and started kindergarten and 2nd grade.

Now that it’s a wrap, here are my favorite moments from the summer that was.

IMG_6710 IMG_6849 IMG_7012 IMG_6592 IMG_6240 IMG_6243 IMG_6740 IMG_7019 IMG_6292 IMG_6847 IMG_7052 IMG_7061 IMG_6318 IMG_6923  IMG_6924 IMG_1784 IMG_6440 IMG_6468 IMG_1850 IMG_6478 IMG_7009 IMG_6921


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