Aztec chowder 


On trick or treat nights, I like to make a soup or stew that can sit on the stove all evening so we can eat whenever we’re ready. And my father-in-law usually sits in our driveway in front of the fire pit, so I like to make something hot and easy for him.

Aztec chowder is one of those soups I land on when I’m already at the grocery store, flipping through my mental recipe box. I guess it’s partly because I know the ingredients off the top of my head: chicken stock, heavy cream, Great Northern beans, an Anaheim chili pepper, chicken breast or tenders, and onion and garlic, plus jack cheese and tortilla chips for garnishing. It’s essentially a white chicken chili. It’s very rich so I only make it once a year.

Aztec chowder was made famous locally by the 55 Group of restaurants in the ’80s and ’90s, and one many Columbus, OH residents will recognize. The recipe was reprinted in the Columbus Dispatch several years ago.


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