Beauty buy of the week


I’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant and since I’m taking time off from the office this week, it seemed like a good, low-stress week to give it a try. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work on me. I was using Mitchum at age 12, which was then the strongest thing you could get in drugstores. So up to now, it was clinical strength or bust. And even then, my deodorant usually throws in the towel around 6 p.m.

Tom’s of Maine is more clear than white, and it’s wetter than your average solid. I got the unscented. And by george, it works! I love that it doesn’t have aluminum–not sure why, it just sounds bad–and it isn’t as drying as regular deodorant. I also feel like clinical strength ups the ante so your body works even harder to win the battle of the stink. This stuff doesn’t give me rebound stink. Still smellin’ pretty good the next morning! I’m impressed. The real test? When I go back to work on Monday.


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