Double jeopardy

My #1 goal this week — my stay-at-home mom-cation — was to spend time with the kids and just be around for them. I had lunch with them in their school cafeteria. I volunteered an hour in Greta’s class. We did doctor’s appointments and teacher-parent conferences. We went to the movies yesterday. I got them on and off the bus. I was able to make dinner. These were simple pleasures. I can’t believe how awesome it was.

Second priority was to get in some exercise. Did, done, check.

I always feel, as I’m sure many people do, short on time. Always hewing to a schedule, not willing to squander one precious minute. I am crazy about my time the way some are crazy about their budget.

This week, I really noticed how good it felt not to be rushing around. The longish line at the grocery store did not send me over the edge, like it normally would. When did I become such a tightly pulled wire?

So one of the highlights of this week was being able to spontaneously sit and watch a guilty pleasure movie, Double Jeopardy. It was a hit back when Ashley Judd was at the top of her game. I love this movie. It has all the classic platitudes you could ask for. Ashley is wrongfully convicted of murdering her husband. Once she figures out she was framed, we get the montage of her pumping iron, doing sit-ups and running around the prison yard. Then miraculously, she’s out on parole with one mission: to find her son, who she hasn’t seen in at least 6 years. We get Tommy Lee Jones as a hardened parole officer with a dry sense of humor and a zero-tolerance policy. He doesn’t give second chances. But after chasing Ashley around Washington State, Colorado and New Orleans, he starts to believe Ashley is telling the truth. We get chase scenes in the French Quarter, a delicious confrontation at a masquerade ball, a sweet reunion between Ashley and her son Matty, and even a scene where Ashley tells Tommy ‘you saved my life’ and he says, out of her earshot, ‘you saved mine.’ What’s not to love?

I watched it start to finish. I didn’t text. I didn’t hop on the computer or check my email. For some, that 90 minutes would have been better spent getting a massage at the spa or having lunch with the girls. For me, it was just what my soul needed.



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