Roast chicken, a new way


This was a really good dinner from a few weeks ago.

I love a good roast chicken with lemon, onion, thyme and garlic. This is a nice variation on the classic, and just as simple. You rub a whole chicken with a bunch of warm spices like allspice, cumin, paprika and a few others, roast it for an hour-plus, and voila!

I’ve made this recipe before. But what I REALLY loved this time was the smattering of vegetables that roasted on and around the chicken: chunks of butternut squash, baby carrots, yellow squash and zucchini. They got all caramelized and tender, and soaked up all the good chicken fat and spices that dripped off the bird.

As Uma Thurman says in Pulp Fiction after she sneaks some of John Travolta’s super-strength coke: Goddamn! It was that good. And these were pre-cut, pre-packaged vegetables from the Fresh Produce section of the grocery store, people.

Here’s the recipe for the chicken, from Epicurious. Do add some veg to your roasting pan.


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