Scenes from Christmas 2015

It was an unseasonably warm Christmas but a good one, I think. As always, the best memories were made in the weeks leading up to the big day, in the prep.

We skipped the Nutcracker (next year, I promise!) but splurged on a fresh wreath for the front door, watched Home Alone and Christmas Vacation at least nine times, baked some of Barrak’s favorite spiced chocolate chunk walnut cookies, went to a mother-daughter cookie exchange, met Josh Perry in the parking lot after Magnus’s winter party at school. As is our tradition, I made Jacques Pepin’s Maman’s cheese souffle on Christmas morning and realized too late that I was missing one basic but key ingredient that required Barrak to make an emergency run to a convenience store. And is also our tradition, Barrak insisted we buy a tree that barely fit in our living room.

Another Christmas in the can!

img_7429 img_7412 img_7372

img_7305-1  img_7401 img_7377

img_7374 img_7414

img_7431  img_7450


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