New Year’s eats

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OMG, I am JUST now blogging about New Year’s Eve!? Pathetic.

Better late than never?

Anyway, it was an easy menu that included BYO baguette slices with smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, capers, hard-boiled eggs and paper-thin red onion, Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome crab cakes (from her cookbook My Father’s Daughter, but I’m linking to a BBC website here) with bottled cajun remoulade sauce, champagne and Cafe Bengalis. The latter is a dessert drink made by pouring fresh hot coffee over scoops of chocolate ice cream. It ended up being a letdown — the coffee melted the ice cream immediately and then I was just left with black coffee.

In the end, it felt like I was doing dishes all night long. And then we all went to bed before midnight.

New Year’s Day was better. I made sauerkraut balls. From my mom’s sort-of recipe told to me over the phone in fits and starts as her phone kept dying and I was standing at the meat counter buying sausage.

Now I know why my mom makes them just once a year. Man, they are labor-intensive. I sautéed the sausage on New Year’s Eve, cooked a large bag of sauerkraut, drained both really well, and mixed those two together with a block of room temperature cream cheese, some breadcrumbs, some dijon mustard… I don’t remember what else… mom?? What am I forgetting??

Then you let that sit overnight so it’s easy to roll into little balls. 60 little balls to be exact. After you roll ’em into balls, you do the 3-part battering process of flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. TIMES SIXTY! I was grateful that Barrak took care of frying them on the back porch in our little Fry Daddy. Just 2-3 minutes per batch of 5 or 6.

Since Barrak and I resolved to eat a more plant-based diet in 2016, we had a few balls (dipped in bottled horseradish sauce and some of that cajun remoulade sauce from Whole Foods) while watching football on TV and gave the rest away to my parents and my sister.

And how many photos do you think I took of those 60 balls, which took two days to make all told?


Happy New Year.