Our family lullabies


{Mag’s constellation globe night-light from Land of Nod}

I’ve sung lullabies to both my kids since they were newborn babies. Now they’re 8 1/2 going on 13 and 5 going on 6, but they still ask for songs every night. “Two songs, mommy,” they say like they’re ordering up two meatball subs. I have a terrible singing voice but they don’t seem to mind.

Greta loves Lullaby by Billy Joel (she calls it “Goodnight My Angel”) and Magnus always asks for Hit the Road to Dreamland (he calls it “the Land of Nod song.”)

Here are some of our other favorites:

  • World’s Greatest by R. Kelly (and covered by Will Oldham)
  • Golden Slumbers by The Beatles
  • In My Life by The Beatles
  • Blackbird by The Beatles
  • You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King
  • Harvest Moon by Neil Young
  • Unknown Legend by Neil Young
  • Baby Mine by Alison Kraus
  • Hush, Little Baby
  • All Night, All Day
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Earth Angel, usually followed by Soldier Boy (a ’50s theme!)
  • The first verse of Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (I can’t remember the lyrics after that)
  • Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
  • Que Sera Sera by Doris Day
  • Rockabilly Lullaby (Rest My Little Mermaid) from The Backyardigans
  • Angel Dream (No. 4) by Tom Petty
  • (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin (Greta likes when I do the ‘bah-OOP’s)
  • Silent Night
  • The River by Joni Mitchell

Big yawns ensue (usually mine).


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