Anniversary road trip!

img_8075 img_8132-1 img_8220

img_8141-1  img_8096-1

img_8102-1 img_8080-1 img_8106-1

Barrak and I took a little road trip to the northern Georgia/North Carolina area for our 10th wedding anniversary. We stayed in a super-cool modern glass-walled house in the woods (our first experience with airbnb), drove into Asheville twice for some awesome Spanish tapas at Curate, fried chicken and biscuits at Tupelo Honey and craft beer at Burial, toured the Biltmore, got presents for the kids (and my mom for watching them), walked behind waterfalls, ran/hiked to the top of Raybun Gap where we were literally in the clouds, got carsick on the winding roads heading up to Highlands, NC (that selfie was right after our run back down the mountain and about 20 minutes before I dry-heaved on the side of the road), had the best eggplant parmesan of my life at a tiny shack halfway up a mountain in the middle of nowhere called Bella’s Junction Cafe (think Merlotte’s of True Blood fame), and listened to a lot of Prince. Happy anniversary honey.



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