Summer 2016

I stopped blogging around August 2016 so I missed doing my Summer Recap last year.

Want to see?

{My boys at our neighbors’ annual Derby Party — the unofficial start of summer in my book.}

{Greta at art camp}

{Weekends at the pool}

{On the white sandy beach in Destin, Florida}

{Practically front-row seats at Coldplay with my friend Michelle}

{Magnus tried his hand at baseball last summer. Safe to say, he liked it}

{Mag and I ran around Highbanks Park together}

{Love this sign we pass on the way to the pool}

{We got into it with the rest of the world}

{Greta’s soccer team}

{At a Columbus Crew game}

{Lots of tennis}

{Lots of gin drinks with St. Germain elderflower, pink grapefruit juice and sprig of rosemary}

{Amazing orangey-yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden}


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