About Me

I’m Kindra Peach Green – just a regular gal. Someone’s wife, two someones’ mama, a daughter and sister. I love guacamole, one strong cup of coffee in the morning, running when it’s nice and hot out, sneaking in to look at my kids while they’re sleeping, trying new restaurants, sitting on the front stoop with a glass of pomegranate sangria, and Halloween. I hate naps, air conditioning, meetings and talking on the phone.

I have two incredible kids: Greta and Magnus. I started this family in Clintonville, ran out of space and moved to the ‘burbs – a place I never thought I’d be but sure has more closet space.

When I was a kid, I loved the TV show thirtysomething. Maybe a little odd for a 12-year-old. The point of that show and the point here: there is beauty and humor and joy in the everyday. I want to capture that here, while I can, as a thirtysomething moving into my fabulous forties.

The Peanut Gallery

And me, at the helm of The Black Pearl.


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